Being a portrait photographer and having a studio in the UK?

Portraits and having my own studio were on my dream list…

as well as moving to another country. But setting up portrait photography in a completely new environment was a challenge. Just a couple of months after an amazing vacation in Barcelona and Asturias, where I was still dreaming of moving abroad, my husband got a work in the UK. So we packed up our life in Hungary, I sold my company, rented our house and ended up moving to Luton. I needed to take a break, helping my kids to settle, and delivering my third child. We knew that we would not stay there long. It made no sense to set up my business then a few months later start again somewhere completely different. I did take some portraits of our friends some times just to keep me in the flow, but nothing serious.

By a serious accident and a few people talking about Rugby we came over to visit the town and the next time we had bought a home. So there was no turning back. We knew no-one here. Not a single person. So when I decided to set up my photography business again, I realised I had no connections, I had no past here, and I have to tell you honestly, I felt completely lost. I was confident in my work, I wanted to have a studio. I could not be just a stay-at-home-mum anymore with my toddler and the whole family. But setting up a successful business required a few steps to complete.

Finding my WHY

If I ask you why I became a portrait photographer you could easily say because I love art, I love photography, I love the equipments I use, I enjoy doing it… but this could be easily said about all the photographers I guess. If you read my previous post about my story, this would all make more sense. But my Why is not this.

Last year when I was searching for the internet for marketing education, I found a photographer from New Zealand.  She had a behind the scene video, where you could see a woman being pampered while she was talking about herself that she hasn’t had her photos taken since she was 18. She was a wife, mother, a business owner.  She bought a dress that she was looking to buy for a long time and that day she felt truly confident.  She was being photographed and the photographer showed her an image from the back of the camera and the lady started to cry because she couldn’t believe how beautiful she was on that unedited image. (By the way, this was exactly what happened to many of my clients later, when I photographed them too.) In that moment I knew for sure that this was what I wanted to do.

I want to help thousands of women to make them believe that they are beautiful inside and out. And all of them should have printed portrait images as proofs of this to be proud of.

Sometimes I also I feel like I am that woman in front of the camera who is continuously worrying about whether she is good enough. If she is a good enough mother to her kids, a good enough wife or partner, if she is good enough in her business. If she is pretty or attractive enough, she is slim enough, is young enough, if she…… and the list is endless. And I know for sure that I am not alone. I am just one of the thousands or millions of women who share the same insecurities about their bodies, about their appearance, about themselves. Maybe not all the time but I am pretty sure, this can be related to any of us sometimes. Not one of us is perfect. And we do not have to be. We are just way to hard on ourselves. I am the same.

I believe in empowering people and helping them accept their body image and caring about self-love. We must celebrate the bodies that we are born with. To do that we need to put ourselves first, find our value and believe that we are good enough. You have to be the leading lady of your own life. You can be confident in many situations, in your business, in different relationships but there are several cases when our confidence disappears.

So ever since I discovered this way of portrait photography my mission is to photograph each and every woman who ever looked into the mirror and not felt good enough. I know I can’t cure them. But with small steps, like seeing themselves through my mirror and my images they will believe in themselves again.

This has became my Why and It’s About You Photo was born in February 2017.

The next step was to find and establish a studio.