A photo we don’t love can affect us in such a way including lowering our self-esteem. So we start hiding from photos for instance because we think we are not beautiful/great looking enough. Often with excuses of not being photogenic or because we think we’re not that perfect person we have in mind about how we SHOULD look… And this feeling actually sneaks into more and more aspects of our lives. Until a point where we are not sure who we really are, freak out from the thought of “loving ourselves”. To the world out there, we say everything is “fine”.

I can relate to this. I have been there too. I had these issues all the time. I only loved images of me when I didn’t realise I was actually photographed. Those images seemed way much more natural. But every time someone lifted a camera towards me, I freaked out and I ended up making awful faces or fake smiles and I just simply hated the images. “OMG, Is that really me?” I even know what it means being photographed many times – for your business, with your family, or even a makeover experience, – and then the results are so disappointing that you decide to never ever look for a photographer and be in front of the camera again.

So how can this be changed?

Why are there great photos of others and very bad photos of us?

Why do we think others are more photogenic? (by the way, there is no such word like that!)

The answer is simple and has two ways.
1) We see ourselves in the mirror which “mirrors” us and a photo lens is actually showing how we look. We are familiar with our face and body in the mirror but not through a lens.
2) For some people, it comes naturally or they spend a lot of time studying their own body and angles but most of us weren’t born with the natural instinct to know shapes, angles, lights, and looks. And this is completely normal. Knowing a body right, the lights, angles, shapes right is also a profession, just like a designer, an architect… etc.

We, photographers study anatomy, the human body, we study light and light sources, we study shapes and looks. “I went to a photographer and I got bad pictures of me at the end, why?” – you could ask. BECAUSE you chose a photographer who didn’t take enough time to get to know you, to listen to you what you really need and what you are looking for. Who didn’t listen carefully, didn’t build trust, didn’t help you through the shoot, just said: “Be natural!” How could you be natural in an environment which you don’t know, which is full of weird lights and flashes, where YOU DONT FEEL COMFORTABLE. And of course, in the end, you didn’t get the result you were really looking for.

A PHOTOSHOOT WITH ME IS A PERSONAL AND TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND I INVITE YOU TO DISCOVER YOURSELF AGAIN THROUGH MY LENS. I BELIEVE in listening to you, serving you with all my knowledge, my passion, my heart. I PROMISE to create a safe and relaxing environment for you to create the most beautiful photographs that you have ever had, which you can lovingly pass to your loved ones, your children and cherish for a lifetime.