Would you think I’ve got to photography through the Hungarian Ebay?


Yes, it is true, let me tell you my story – how my photography journey has started.


I was always keen on art when I was around seven, I wanted to be a painter and an architect (I still would love to plan houses by the way) so my story is not the ‘I had my first camera when I was five’ type. I followed my dreams taking art as a serious hobby besides reading – I am a massive bookworm too. I took courses ended up drawing, painting and sculpturing for 4 hours on Fridays. I had my GCSA in Art as well… I was smart enough not to take this further and not to end up studying art at Uni, especially in Hungary, where you hardly can make a living studying in the art and humanities sector. I had some problems with Physics – so architecture stayed a dream. So I ended up studying Travel and Tourism later Economics and that turned out my degree.

Working in the corporate world was amazing at such a young age, but of course being a manager at a management of the management dept at the Hungarian Telekom Company made it impossible to have time for art any more. It sank. Photography on the other side seemed much quicker and yes it gave so much quicker results… I had a new passion.

So what happened next?

Many years later, in 2009 when I was at home with my second child being a few months old baby. My husband was scrolling down on the screen looking for really nothing on the Hungarian Ebay on a Sunday night. And he found a course. Full-year education giving a qualified degree in photography starting immediately on the following night. He started bidding – I was worried, then got excited, then felt disappointed as I hadn’t won, then I went to bed.

The next morning I have received an email saying they offer me the course for the highest bid I took but I have to decide in an hour to join. A few hours later I found myself in a huge classroom with full of people. One of them turned even out to be my very best friend at the end. A year and many classes later, I was celebrating my brand new diploma with the photog fellows in a bar when my best friend turned to me: let’s do wedding photography together! I was like: what?!? I have never thought of making photography as a living for me, but I liked challenges so I said yes.

We trained, and built up our portfolio and ended up being hired for weddings. We were lucky somehow as we hardly had to market ourselves, only attending some wedding fayres, and then we were fully booked. Then I got the chance to do corporate events, theatre photography, editorial portraiture for the Hungarian Dance Magazine. I photographed huge national charity nights and auctions for Autistic Arts, I was regularly working for Audi and Skoda under the Porsche Group as well as mums and kids, schools, and many many more…

But how did I end up being a portrait photographer in Rugby, UK?

I will tell you in my next post.