Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I cannot thank all of you enough who came to my Studio Launch Night Party on 27th November. After a big rush with decorating, organising everything, the day finally arrived and I think we had a fabulous time. Food was amazing, provided by The Rustic Food Co – Vicky’s Canapés were beyond everyones expectations. She was the caterer of the night opening all the Proseccos and making sure that we all had something in hand :).

It became quite crowded quickly, and the most popular rooms were the kitchen and the boudoir room of course 🙂 Mrs Belinda Garcia, Madame Mayor of Rugby kindly opened the studio and gave a great talk on empowering women in business and Linda, one of my previous clients made us all cry. We had a friendly chat about the importance of printed photographs and creating legacy as well as accepting our body image the way it is.

My husband surprised me with sending Eddie into the room with a bunch of balloons, he made everyone smile, such a cute little lad he is.  More Proseccos were on their way, chat kept going on, Annette from Arbonne did a great presentation on skincare and beauty products and my guest made more and more connections.

Everyone loved the goodie bags containing a gift card for my sessions as well as some amazingly delicious chocolate treats. I am so grateful for achieving this which could not happened without the support of many amazing woman in my network, my mum and my husband. Thank you all again!


Blanche xxx