Everything is made
to offer you a unique
luxury experience
and create your
ultimate photos
that you are proud of
and will love FOREVER.

You probably heard this about a million times, and it’s true.

 There is a difference between a high street photography studio and a boutique portrait photography experience. It’s not cheap, it’s not fast, but every little detail is tailored around you. It’s personal, it’s intimate, you are not just being photographed, you are being pampered.

I really see every little bit of beauty you possess. Every single woman I’ve ever photographed has been exquisitely lovely – and the interesting thing? Each completely different.

What I offer you too: working with a female team to being pampered, styled and guided to get the most beautiful pictures of you.

I am here to capture what makes YOU irresistible and so uniquely special. We’ll take care of your camera-ready hair and make-up as well as the most flattering lighting and guide you down to your fingertips on how to pose… I’ll make sure you look your very best. My superpower is to make you feel relaxed and I gently guide you through posing that flatters you to get the best version of yourself in front of the camera. Every women I photographed said the shoot was confidence boosting and one of the most fun experiences of their lives. I can promise you are going to enjoy the session and fall in love with your images! 

So, what exactly is included in the portrait experience?

Your session includes an in person consultation and planning to get to know each other more and design your photo session. The chat will include talking about you and your needs and fears, outfits and styles, professional hair and makeup styling (based on your style), the photoshoot time, and you get all the instructions how to prepare for your session. This gives us an opportunity to chat and get to know each other a little before the shoot, also for me to understand how would you like to be photographed, what look / feel you’re going for. We plan a timeline and bounce off outfit and accessories ideas to make sure you’ll be 100% happy with what we create.

Professional make-up and hair styling. I’m working with a team of highly skilled (and super lovely!) make-up artists who will create the perfect camera-ready look for you. On the day we start pampering you: you get professional hair and makeup. We always make sure that you love the end results as well as you feel totally comfortable with your amazing look even if you don’t really wear makeup on a daily basis. We can play with the look with different lipstick colours that match your outfit or change your hairstyle to get a better variety of looks, then we relax and tune on for the shoot. We take a look at the dresses you brought or you pick the ones you love from the studio wardrobe. 

You will have access to the studio wardrobe with over 30 dresses to choose from and mix with your own outfits. You will have up 5 outfits changes during the photo shoot. I can also recommend you some amazing image consultants and personal stylists who can help you with choosing the right colours or even go and do some shopping with you to be fully prepared for the photo shoot day.

Most of the sessions are taking place in my studio in Rugby, which is just an hour from London, but there is also an option to have your boudoir shoot at an external location (like your home, a boutique hotel or outdoors if you’re feeling adventurous!)

Fully guided professional photography and posing. We start the shoot itself where I help you with directions to look natural and wonderful, to your best angles. My goal is to give everyone an amazing experience! You do not need to know how to pose or worry about how you’re going to look like on your images at all! I am an expert at making people relax and open up in front of the camera also to guide you with posing down to your fingertips to make sure you look your best. I’ll show you what poses and angles flatter you the most and be your coach every step of the way. No experience necessary, you just need to trust me to give it a go.  It is totally normal to feel weird and a bit awkward at the beginning but this will not last long. I will help you to feel great and comfortable in front of the camera quite quickly and you will start enjoying the whole experience and yourself. I help you through posing and directing, I will teach you some tips and tricks that you can use every day, as I know what beautiful looks like. I promise you will find this so much fun and relaxing at the end!

The portrait photography session usually takes between 1-3 hours depending on your package. This gives us enough time to create beautiful hair- and make-up and also a variety of outfits and backgrounds to photograph, but not too long so you won’t feel exhausted. 

Professional retouching on all your best images is included with your session. I spend time with professional retouching and select the best images of the whole day. I don’t believe in drastically altering your appearance or body type, I believe all my customers are perfectly beautiful just the way they are. I do believe in small tweaks however, to get rid of the things you are not fond of and/or correcting the bits (lumps and bumps) that appear due to wardrobe or posing. This is a collaborative process, so please don’t be shy about telling me to get rid of a certain mole or scar or stretchmark.

About two weeks after your photo session you are invited back for the reveal session where you see your images for the first time and you select the ones you fell in love with. This is a private viewing and ordering session where you select your final images. Be prepared to become emotional while meeting yourself on your printed photographs but don’t worry we always have tissue papers to save you! After the initial presentation, we’ll step through the images one by one and start picking favourites. Following that, we’ll determine which products and collections will suit you best based on the images we’ve created, your goals for the shoot, and on your lifestyle. I offer a range of beautiful photographic albums, archival wall art, high-resolution digital image packages, and more.  Your gorgeous mounted fine art 5×7″ desk prints are ready to frame and perfect for stand-alone or in grouping for display. If you go for the packages, you can choose from some amazing luxurious 10×8″ folio boxes to store your 5×7″ print collections. There is also an album option with my top package. Albums, prints and folio boxes are all hand made high-end products from the best suppliers in Europe. There are various size prints available to be framed or to go with the incredible HD Acrylic print with its modern technology that is inks certified for 70+ years.

I highly recommend this shoot for everyone as I would love to show you how others see you. Come alone or with your partner, best friend, your mum or your children to share this experience with them.

My clients are not models, they are all everyday women just like you – mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, brides, singles, regardless of curves, sizes, shapes or ages. They are all nervous just like you would be when arriving for their photoshoot after styling consultation. All of them are leaving with a great experience and fun behind at the end, knowing that the results are going to be stunning.

Booking with Blanka Gal you will receive:

  • A private photoshoot with Blanka Gal, a specialist in modern portraits for women.
  • Personal detailed consultation to answer your questions, inspire you with ideas and help you create your dream photoshoot.
  • A first-class, highly enjoyable and memorable experience that you will always remember.
  • A completely customised session tailored precisely to your exact needs
  • A fully-styled portrait session, as well as full use of clothing and accessories
  • Guidance and direction from an experienced professional photographer to help you look your best possible self in the photos.
  • Captivating, intimate photographs that celebrate life and love; alluring, expressive images that celebrate your family.
  • Bespoke portraits that reflect the uniqueness of you and your family’s individual personalities
  • A variety of modern fine art photographic portraits for you to choose from, in both colour and ‘black and white’ printed with professional archival quality paper guaranteed to last 70+ years
  • Magazine high-end retouching so all your gorgeous images are treated with the same luxury 
  • Timeless, stylish and modern fine art photographs that you’ll love as much in ten years’ time as you do today
  • High quality, bespoke range of wall art from finest suppliers
  • Happiness Guarantee in case (never happened before) you don’t like your images. We will talk again what went wrong and you will get a complimentary session.

 Bookings are open to:







Your Portraits will serve as your daily reminder that Yes, you are loved. You are incredible. You are gorgeous, radiant and can be confident.

So I’m inviting you
to a transformative photoshoot experience, where we get to celebrate everything about you!


I’m not photogenic…
If I had a penny for every time I heard that. It is completely normal, as my clients are not models and I can reassure they are human just like you. It is not your job to make you look good on photographs. It is mine, and you are lucky as that is my expertise!

Uh… But I don’t like my body…
Lighting and posing, directed help can do wonders to enhance your best features. It is not photoshop but my eyes for details that will make you look your fabulous best.

I’m too old for this…
Don’t be silly, There isn’t a rule for how old one should be. People are amazing at every stage of their lives and deserve to have beautiful portraits of themselves at any age.

I don’t have pretty dresses and don’t know what to wear…
That’s OK. Good news is that I have a wardrobe with gorgeous outfits to wear, I also recommend you inspirational images, and you can mix and match them with your own. 

I have no model experience…
That’s the point! If you have never posed for a professional photographer before, it is a great reason for you to do something new and you will be wowed by the results of it.

I have done a photoshoot before…
That’s awesome! You should do it again! Because ding a new photoshoot is always a great way to renew your wows to yourself and to reflect the way you are now.

I just need digital files…
I’ve got you covered! All purchased images will come with a complimentary digital copy so you can share your photos online with friends and family to make everyone else excited to have the same experience.

Your work is wonderful but I can’t afford it…
That’s definitely not an issue. My clients are real people like you and their budgets vary, but I do offer payment plans and you can also apply for PayPal Credit to pay for your images.


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Portraits By Blanka Gal specialises in contemporary styled beauty portraits, personal branding, professional headshots, and family legacy portraits. If you are looking for a photo session that allows you to see your true beauty and proves you that you are as photogenic as everyone else you admire and gives you the feeling of being celebrated, contact Blanka to start designing your tailored personal photoshoot.