Hello, my name is Blanka, 
I am a portrait photographer
and I am dedicated to helping you 

falling in love with yourself AGAIN.

I ALSO photograph

women who

don’t like their

photos taken.


I believe in empowering women and helping them accept their body image and caring about self-love.  Business Headshot for succesful confident women

A photo we don’t love can affect us in such a way including lowering our self-esteem. So we start hiding from photos because we think we are not beautiful enough. Well, maybe even the thought of using the word: beautiful doesn’t seem right. How many times did you look into the mirror or to a photo of yourself and said: Gosh I do look beautiful!? (I hope this did happen actually a few times with you too in your life!), but to be honest, talking to many women lately, this is not the usual case.

We are afraid of using the word beautiful for ourselves… Beauty seems like mystery nowadays… We easily say this word to others – but not for the most important person in our lives: us.  And we mostly find excuses and refuse taking compliments with a big smile and ‘Thank you!’  too…  Often our excuses are that we are just not photogenic or because we think we’re not looking like we wish we would…

As a real woman myself, I can also relate to that feeling of not loving your own photos – this has happened to me before. Or sometimes have to take over 1.435,678 selfies to get one right – oh by the way, selfies… digital mass stored on your devices and forgotten in a week…
I can even relate to being photographed many times  – for your business, with your family, or even a weird makeover experience, – and then the results are so disappointing that you decide to never ever look for a photographer and be in front of the camera again. ‘Everyone else looks great but no me!’ 

Before I became a photographer and learned all the things this profession requires, I had these issues all the time. I only loved images of me when I didn’t realise I was actually photographed. Those images seemed way much more natural. But every time someone lifted a camera towards me, I freaked out and I ended up making awful faces or fake smiles and I just simply hated the images. ‘Is that really me?’
A thought of a boudoir session was way beyond any possibility as I felt I could not face and I would not want the experience of seeing my body on images like that. Yes, I admired others and I had the envy back of my mind to try it… but for all of these issues this would never be me’. – I thought.

A photoshoot with me

is a personal and



Through mastering my craft in 2009, and after a very bad experience with an internationally well-known photographer who only cared about himself, his art and his vision, I have realised the main difference.

It has to be all about you. It has to be about trust between you and me, the photographer.

I give you my time and attention. You tell me how you want to be perceived by the world. You tell me all of the things inside of you, that you haven’t had the courage to show the world – but you wish you could. You tell me your issues, your fears, maybe you show me your previous photos. Your concerns. Your dreams.

You tell me your story.

And I listen and help you create something amazing.

I help you create, see and believe in the best version of yourself.

I show the best

version of you

back to You

as you have to be the

leading lady

of you own life.


The women who you see on my website are not models, they are mothers, sisters, daughters, housewives, grandmothers, business entrepreneurs, – everyday women just like you or me.  Most of them stopped existing in photos after their weddings, or have not ever had their professional photos taken before. Most of them said the same excuses “I don’t like my photos taken”, “I’m not photogenic”, “I just don’t like my face on photos”, “Oh, no, not me, just my children”, “I’m too old to do this”, “I need to lose weight first”… I have heard them all. Most of them would rather go to a dentist than having a photo session.

I want to photograph

your beauty in a way

that you have

never seen before.

 The good news is that you don’t have to worry about all of these at all. It is my job to get you relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera, it is my job to gently guide you through posing that flatters you and your body during the photo session – regardless of your age or weight. Because I know what beautiful looks like. I can see yours – and I know how to capture your true beauty with my camera. It is not about photoshop – it is about knowing the body, shapes, light, posing. It is about trust between us and together we can create something incredible.

I want to help you

to believe

that you are beautiful

inside and out.

You are perfect the way you are now, – there has never been a more perfect time to celebrate yourself. To access yourself and to show the world how strong and confident you are.

I promise you to create the most beautiful photographs that you have ever had, which you can lovingly pass to your loved ones, your children and cherish for a lifetime.
Choose to exist in beautifully printed, mounted photographs. Value yourself more than a USB stick or a mobile selfie.


With love,

Blanka xxx.

Ps: If you would like to know more about this self-esteem uplifting experience please get in touch here!

I can’t thank you enough for today. I’m feeling amazing and empowered and beautiful. I even got a wow from my husband when I got home! You are an actual legend!! Love you Blanka, you are amazing!!


Blanka Gal is a multi award winning Portrait Photographer for women. She is also a wife, mother of three, obsessed with coffee latte and chocolate, hobby gardener and passionate Italian cook. 5x winner of the International Portrait Masters Image awards 2018, published in magazines in the UK and in Hungary.

We had the most amazing time with Blanka. It was such a wonderful experience to have her photograph us. Right from the time I enquired by phone she put us at ease. We were made to feel special and her results have captured something my daughter and I will cherish forever. Blanche is wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough!


I invite you to a personal session with me in my studio where dreams get created!


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Portraits By Blanka Gal specialises in contemporary styled beauty portraits, personal branding, professional headshots, and family legacy portraits. If you are looking for a photo session that allows you to see your true beauty and proves you that you are as photogenic as everyone else you admire and gives you the feeling of being celebrated, contact Blanka to start designing your tailored personal photoshoot.